Gifting the night away…

brown paper gift wrap.jpgHolidays are creeping into stores and with that comes a lot of paper, plastic, and general debris further accelerating climate change.  There are wonderful options available toward minimizing landfill, water pollution, and poverty as result of natural disaster or life’s bad luck of the draw.  This issue of Bookisshh offers thoughtful suggestions for ideas that promote reading, creativity and expansion for lovers of non-fiction, fiction, poetry and more.  Enjoy!

Box subscriptions are all the rage!!!

A couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing a Bookish box subscription are:

  • Variety of content within one box
  • Clutter vs consumable
  • Rate of subscription / monthly, quarterly, annually, or a one-timer
  • New releases or backlisted books
  • Shipping and tax are not usually included
  • Auto-renewal and term dates make sure to keep track of these!!
  • Box themes, books, genres and lengths
  • New releases, backlisted books or combinations of both
  • Community and social media connections
  • The actual amount of time your recipient will dedicate to reading

Featured Subscriptions…

Owl Crate and Owl Crate Jr. are wonderful options for readers of YA or Middle Grade fiction.  They offer gift subscriptions or one time past box purchases for a trial.  Boxes begin at $29.95 and come with a variety of items thematically related to the hardcover book contained in each box (see example below).  I’ve gifted this one and it was thoroughly enjoyed.  The Jr. box program is unisex and the Owl Crate YA box tends to be more of interest to females.  All books are new releases and past boxes are books published during the calendar year.  See the link for further information:


For the more mature reader take a look at The Deep Reader’s Club.  Readers who dive into this subscription prefer to read Literary Fiction.  The titles are ones requiring thinking, feeling and going to your core with a character who is in the throes of emotional expansion.  Subscriptions are 1, 3 or 6 month subscriptions and are generated on the 15th of every month. Boxes begin at $35.25 plus shipping. Past boxes can be purchased as low as $20.00 but they sell out randomly and quickly.  All boxes include new releases and past boxes contain works released in the current calendar year as well.  This is one of my favorite subscriptions!

For the non-fiction reader who is all business about their leisure time reading try a My Mentor Book Club subscription.  This one is a monthly, biannual or annual subscription.  It’s a little pricier because subscribers receive two hardcover books in their box.  The selections are aimed at fostering personal and/or professional growth in their readers.  All featured books are new releases.  Plans begin at $52 monthly and cap at $549 for the year.  Your non-fiction reader will never have to stand in line at the airport book store again with this gift.


Earthlove box subscriptions are beautiful gifts for the person who reads labels and looks for eco friendly, cruelty free, organic, recycled, and are seeking a nature enriched life.  Boxes include 6-8 themed items and often (not always) includes books centering around nature and healthy lifestyle.  Subscriptions run on a quarterly basis and are shipped out mid-month.  Boxes are 59.95 plus shipping and are shipped out every 3 months.

Page 1 Books subscriptions offer curated collections for every type of reader!  Anne Boegel, local in Evanston, has a wonderful podcast, “What Should I Read Next” and  has claimed her fame and following for being able to matchmake readers to books based on their personality and prior reading experiences.  Her boxes offer themes for: Jane Austen lovers, Book Nerds, Foodies, Mystery Lovers, Classics Lovers and more!  Subscription windows 3, 6 and 12 months in addition to a gift card for $70 which might be an option for people who wish to offer a limited term to a recipient.  Works are new and backlisted books and Boegel has great policies for return and exchange if a book has already been read.

Gift Card

Capsule Books offers a box subscription to readers that encourages them to read how they feel.  Each capsule contains 3 books that build upon one another to illicit and expand upon a feeling in a reader.  Each season the company launches three capsules each one very different than the other.  Once a subscriber chooses, they receive a capsule with a handwritten lovely letter that explains the selections, and makes a recommendation for the order in which to read them.  Readers get a special bookmark and are included to use the blank notecard with postage to encourage someone else to try a capsule.  One season purchases begin at $50 and the more seasons you prepay, the more you save.  Books are usually backlist books and are not new releases and sometimes poetry may be included.


So click the links and explore but make sure that if you are making a one time purchase of a past, present or future box that you carefully read the cancellation policies and keep track of dates because more than anything this can get away from you.  Feel welcome to reach out in the comments if you are looking for something that isn’t shared in this issue. I’m happy to lend a hand.  Also, enjoy your holiday season and remember to check in with friends and family close and far, past and present because the value of connection is a beautiful thing to enhance and share!  Enjoy!

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